Our company


Aslanis SA is located in Ioannina and is active in the production and standardization of frozen products and logistics services. Our company is one of the leading Logistics services companies in Western Greece.

Our many years of experience in the transport of export and import goods that we distribute, as well as the Logistics services we provide, make us one of the most reliable partners in the Greek market.

Our privately owned facilities, equipment, our specialized staff as well as our carefully selected network of correspondents, are a guarantee for its safety and speed properly.

From the founding of our company until today, we follow a policy that characterizes our business: To continuously improve the quality of our products and services so that they meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.


The company Aslanis AE was founded on 19/2/2001 and is a consolidation of companies:

  • Aslanis Dimitrios which was founded in 1977 and had as its activity the general trade.
  • Aslanis Panagiotis which was founded in 1989 and its activity was the trade and distribution of frozen products.
  • Aslanis Dimitrios and Co. OE which was founded in 1982 and its activity was the distribution and trade of ice cream in the region of Epirus.


Our company intensified in development law and completed its first investment in March 2002, which amounted to € 1,300,000 and included the construction of a 1,100 m 2 building with the object of processing and standardization of frozen vegetables

Continuing its development, our company in 2005 intensified into a development law of the Region of Epirus and completed its second investment in September 2006, which amounted to € 1,600,000 and included the construction of a building of 1,090 m 2 with subject to production and standardization of frozen dough products .

Always innovative in many stages of its investments, our company proceeds to its third investment, so in December 2007 it was intensified in a development law of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and completed its investment in April 2009, which amounted to € 4,500,000. and included the construction of a 4,300 m 2 building with modern logistics services .


Our privately owned facilities are located in a strategically selected point, with easy access, in the Ioannina Industrial Area. The total area of ​​the plot in which our state-of-the-art distribution center is housed, amounts to 11,200 sq.m., of which 1,000 sq.m. are office spaces and 6,500 sq.m. storage areas.

Our storage:

  • It is specially designed to house the requirements of various items such as pallets, boxes, shutters, household items, etc.
  • Provides perfect logistics infrastructure such as 10 modern hydraulic loading and unloading ramps with bellows.
  • It has packaging machines, manual and electric pallet trucks with the ability to load and unload goods.
  • It has an alarm system and a complete fire detection and fire extinguishing system (fire safety with sprinklers).
  • It has a driver rest area and a locker room.
  • It is monitored and recorded by closed circuit with cameras for purposes.

Our company operates from Monday to Saturday on a 24 hour basis. It is directly connected to the main roads and more specifically the distance from our warehouses to the freight station in the port of Igoumenitsa is only 45 minutes.

All the above define our facilities in Ioannina as a standard transportation and storage center in Western Greece.